Performance Profile: La Sirene: Rutas de Azucar by Lukumi Arts

La Sirene: Rutas de Azucar (Sugar Routes)


La Sirene: Rutas de Azucar is a multi-media performance written by Afro-Cuban performer,  Jadele McPherson.  It takes the audience through a journey that asks how we can “redefine borders”, find liberation and heal from ancestral trauma.  This piece, La Sirene, tells the story of hopeful revolutionaries who seek to overthrow French and Spanish colonial rule.  In part, this theatre is inspired by the Haitian Revolution and La Conspiración Escalera.  The characters rely on their inner strength, spirituality and migration to better their lives.


Director: Charlotte Brathwaite
Playwright-Choreography: Jadele McPherson
Consultant/Producer: Nathalie Guillaume
Music Composition: Jadele McPherson & Caridad Paisan
Cast/Ensemble: Jadele McPherson, Val Jeanty, Caridad Paisan, Daniel Gil, Maxine Montilus, Yomaira Gonzalez, Bembesito Akpon, Hansel Vaillant, Miguelo Valdes, Diosvany Valladares, Charles Hart
Sound Design: Val Jeanty & Charles Hart
Lighting: Tuce Yasak
Set-Installation – Carlos Mateu


According to the website, “Lukumi Arts is an interdisciplinary arts collective dedicated to creating innovative projects. Founded (January 2008) as an open and growing collective of artists, orisha/palo priests and practitioners, singers, dancers, percussionists, MCs, and producers; we narrate stories that reflect the history, struggles, perseverance and beauty of our community. Amidst a negative array of stereotypes, images and misinformation about Afro-Cuban religions and culture, we communicate the positive, empowering nature of Afro-Cuban arts.”

Don’t forget to check out the Lukumi Arts Website for more information about La Sirene and other performances


❤ #Teatrolatinegro


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