Interview with Actress Estée Burks

What is your identity? How does it affect your work? I identify myself as black. It is so crazy how no matter what I actually identify with, when being cast or considered for certain roles, my identity is solely in the hands of someone else who only sees me from THEIR vantage point. And that’s […]

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Interview with Actor David J. Castillo

  What are your ident(ies)? Well, being from the Dominican Republic, I strongly identify with being Afro-Latino and everything that that entails, meaning I identify with my blackness, my Latinidad, and the intersection of the two. Tell us about what you are working on. Well, I graduated from Boston University’s conservatory program recently, so I’m […]

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Review: 8 Words That Describe Dr. Lisa B. Thompson’s Underground

RIVETING. HILARIOUS. HEARTFELT. HONEST. REAL. MUSICAL. IMPERATIVE. THOUGHT-PROVOKING. You have to be living under a rock not to know about Lisa B. Thompson’s play Underground, written by Dr. Lisa B. Thompson and directed by Rudy Ramirez.   The duo-casted show recently finished its  incredible run at the Vortex, one of Austin’s livest theatre companies.  It came […]

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Play Profile: Yemaya’s Belly

When I saw the name Yemaya’s Belly while looking on the Cara Mia website, I was intrigued.  Yemaya is a part of the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria so I immediately did a bit of research on this piece.  It is currently running at the Cara Mia theatre in Dallas (it will end on March 19, […]

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