About Us



#TeatroLatinegro is a digital space for Afrolatin@, African American and Latin@ theatre artists created by Playwright Jelisa Jay Robinson.  The purpose of #TeatroLatinegro is to provide a space to promote the work of Afrolatin@, African American and Latin@ artists.


  • challenge and expand the narrative of American Theatre
  • share career and writing advice and reflections
  • grow a space to celebrate the diversity within Blackness and Latinidad
  • provide inspiration and opportunities for Afrolatin@ and Black/Brown artists
  • recognize the experiences of Afrolatin@ and Black/Brown artists in the theatre

*TeatroLatinegro’s use of the “0” instead of the “x/a/ @” is merely a stylistic choice (Latinegro rhymes with Teatro).  We seek to include multiple identities at #TeatroLatinegro.



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