Interview with Writer and Performer Andie Flores

What is your identity?

I’m a Xicana and a Chigona from San Antonio, Texas, living in Austin. I’m a writer, performer, stylist, payasa.

 What are you working on?

Right now I’m in the pre-production and crowdfunding stages of my new web series, Muy ExcitedI’m also slowly writing a short film.

via Andie Flores

 Tell us about Muy Excited.

Muy Excited is an 8-episode comedic web series about a group of Black and Brown friends navigating the hella white spaces of Austin, Texas.

 Why do you write?

As many times as I’ve tried to move away from writing, it always pulls me back. I grew up in between phases of being very energetic and outgoing and shy and alone, but I always wrote plays in my free time, and I was always thinking of new ways to perform. It’s how I make sense of things and the only way I know how to express what goes on in my head.

What advice do you have for African Diasporic, Black, Latinx and Afrolatinx theatre artists?

One of the biggest things I’ve tried to do along the way is to make a point to put myself out there and ask to spend time with people I look up to. Ask questions, get advice, make sure they remember who you are. If you put yourself out there as someone who stands out and wants opportunities, people will help make that happen for you. And then you can do the same for others.

No one will care about your project more than you do. Likewise, no one will care if you chase your dreams more than you do. So do it! Give yourself permission and then get shit done. You have the power to breath a lot of life into the world. Use it.

 What has been a challenge in this career?

The biggest challenge for me was thinking of it as a career. It’s hard to take yourself seriously as an artist if you haven’t been told it’s an acceptable choice to make. I’ve always known what I wanted to do and be, I see others getting to do and be those things all the time, so why shouldn’t I, with hard work and determination and hustle, also get to live out my dreams?

Also, writing is hard. Tapping into the self-esteem you need to get out there is difficult somedays. All things can happen with practice, love, energy, and a little fear though.

 Plugs please.

Muy Excited will be crowdfunding through mid-October, then filming here in Austin. You can catch the episodes early next year at online. 

How can people find your work?

I put bits and pieces of things on, and now this new project will live at Also, people can catch me around town telling stories or actin’ a fool on Instagram at @bidibidibummer.


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