Reflection: Attending Fade To Black’s Playwriting Workshop

It was a muggy day in Houston, Texas when a Morena playwright proceeded to the Fade to Black Playwright Workshop.  She had been waiting all week for this!  A chance to be in the presence of Black playwrights who have been working for years in the business.

That Morena playwright was me.  I, along with Trevor Boffone, spent 3 hours soaking in the knowledge from Harold J. Haynes (Encore Theater) and Thomas Meloncon (Texas Southern University).  Both of the presenters gifted us with pearls of wisdom on writing plays and getting our plays produced.

Some magnificent takeaways from the workshop were:

  • Get a protect your plays and be careful who you send it out to.
  • Open up your play with something shocking.
  • The only way you learn how to write is to write.
  • Past offstage conflict can become on stage conflict
  • When you discover the characters, you are discovering yourself.
  • There are no new ideas.  You are just putting your spin on it.

I wasn’t the only one who had great things to say about the workshop!

“More than anything, it was inspiring to be around so many people interested in playwriting and learning more about theatre. Houston needs these spaces for it’s arts community to grow and thrive”-Dr. Trevor Boffone of 50 Playwrights Project

“It was a great refresher course in the art of story telling.”-J.A. Smith, Playwright

Thank you to Fade to Black for such an eye opening experience!

For More info on Fade to Black visit their website.


❤ #Teatrolatinegro

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