People say, I don’t know where to find “Black and Latino” actors, writers or theatres.   We can’t use that excuse any more.  Theatre companies like the Black Latina Movement in New York and Breathe of Fire in California have been stepping up to the plate over the years to fill the gaps and better tell our stories.  Here is a list of 23 theatre companies that you should check out.

African American Repertory Theater (Dallas, TX)

Black Latina Movement  (New York City, New York)

Black Theatre Troupe(Phoenix, Arizona)

Breathe of Fire (Santa Ana, California)

The Black Rep  (St. Louis, Missouri)

Campo Santo (San Francisco, California)

Contra Tiempo: Urban Latin Dance Theatre (Los Angeles, California)

Ensemble Theatre (Houston, TX)

El Teatro Campesino (San Juan Bautista, CA)

GALA Hispanic Theatre (Washington D.C.)

Hattiloo Theatre (Memphis, TX)

The M Ensemble (Miami, Florida)

Milagro Theatre Portland(Portland, Oregon)

National Black Theatre (New York City, New York)

New Venture Theatre (Baton Rougue, Louisiana)

Pregones + Puerto Rican Traveling Theater (Bronx/Manhatten, New York)

Teatro Dallas (Dallas, Texas)

Teatro Luna  (Chicago & Los Angeles)

Teatro Vivo (Austin, TX)

Theatre Nuevo (St. Louis, Missouri)

True Colors (Atlanta, Georgia)

Universes (Ashland, Oregon)

Vision Latino (Chicago, Illinios)

Did I miss your favorite theatre?  Please comment the theatres that you love!


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