You’ve been slaying.  Maybe you’ve had a production.  Maybe you’ve gotten an award.  Maybe people have been touched by your work.  It seems like everything is going great until you hit a bump in the road.  The productions aren’t coming quite as fast as you expected, rejection letters keep piling up and no one even remembers what you did last year.  You internalize your current circumstances and you find yourself in a rut.  You lack inspiration and the fire that you once hand.

You’re not alone.  Many artists encounter trying period when the juices don’t follow, but it’s what you do in these moments that will determine the outcome.

Find your creative family. source Find yourself a group of like-minded individuals who are more passionate than you.  Join a Meet Up or take a class.  You will be opening yourself to more people that can help you develop your creative spirit.  Being around people can make you feel like your can take on the world.

Read an autobiography/memoir of your favorite artist.


Whether it’s Maya Angelou or Gloria Anzaldua, reading about the experiences of an artist that you admire can work wonders.  Not only are you igniting that spark, but you leave with the understanding of their walk, thoughts and milestones that you did not have before.

Go outside.

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Literally.  Go outside.  Play some volleyball.  Sit in the sun.  Paint.  Walk your dog.  Sometimes the best way to get out of a rut is to get in some sunshine.  Taking a walk can awaken creativity inside of you.

Whenever you are lacking creative motivation remember that it only lasts for a season. Eventually you will be back to your grind and no one will be able to stop you.