Afro-Panamanian hip hop group Los Rakas never disappoints. They have fire rhymes, bumpin’ beats and a ton enthusiasm.  You can tell they enjoy what they do.  Their video (the song is credited to Stylo, Los Rakas are featured artists) for “123” is not just a video, but a theatrical experience.  We see Raka Dun hitting a dance move in an ally and Raka Rich working it in a moving car.  Towards the end they are dancing up a storm on a boat. Excitement.  Color.  And Characterization (check out the dance moves that reflect Raka Duns cultura or the use of the Panamanian flag in the video) draw the viewer into the story.  While we may not be in a theatre, we are getting a truly entertaining and enriching experience of #Blackboyjoy!  Yes, there are negative things happening in the world but seeing them be so unapologically who they are will put a smile on your face.

Don’t you want to go to a Raka party?  I know I do.  You may be thinking what does this have to do with #Teatrolatinegro?  But like artist Gustavo Cequiera said in a article in Howl Round, we need to “expand what we understand as theatre.”  These guys are diffidently apart of the Afrolatin@ theatre dialogue.

What do you think?  Can musicians be a part of Theatre, tambien?


❤ #Teatrolatinegro