You should be writing.  Dangerous things.  Magical things.  Things that will ever see the light of day.  Things that you will show off to your friends.

You should be huddled in coffee shops nursing cups of tea in between dialogue sessions with your characters.

You should be writing.  Horrible things.  Things that make you cringe and wonder why you wrote them.

You should be scripting and scribbling.  Updates on Facebook.  No!  Tweets for your brand.  No!  Stories you were born to tell.  I don’t care about your day job that “takes a lot out of you.”  You had better be writing stories on your lunch break.  Or in the bathroom.  Your day job pushes you.  Your day job is a gold mine because many of the people you meet while taking calls, or flipping burgers or teaching students will be inspiration for your characters.  

You should be writing.  If you can’t write a play then write a monologue, or a song, or a blog post.  Make a list.   I’m writing a blog post.  You should be writing.

What’s that thing called ‘writer’s block’?  There is no writer’s block.

BOOM!  I just blew your mind.  Playwrights, you should be writing.  You should be scripting.  You should be playing!

Don’t take yourself so seriously that you forget to have fun.  Don’t take yourself too lightly that you save writing for moments of “inspiration” or when the “muses hit you”.  No, you show up everyday.  You show up with your pen in hand ready to “play” and ready to “write” because that’s what you are a “play-write”.

You should be writing.


❤ #TeatroLatinegro