Why #SoyTeatroLatinegro?

When I began writing plays, they featured a combination of characters that were Black,  Brown, Afrolatin@ and all of those things at once.  I would talk about my play ideas with other people and they would look at me like I was nuts.  I was seeking a way to describe my plays and it didn’t hit me until recently that I write TeatroLatinegro.   My first professional production, The Stories of Us, a play that tackled different types of Afrolatinidad, was the first time that I saw my vision for my theatre future take flight.  On stage Black, Brown and Afrolatin@ actors all working together.  I write what reflects my own reality.  

My question was where are the playwrights, and theatre artists that mirrored this reality?

I sought out Afrolatin@ artists and allies who wrote for and about this communities, people like Guadalís Del Carmen, Daphine Sicre and the ladies at the Black Latina Movement.   There are many artists out there, but there was no one really writing about their work.  So, I hung up the Black Girl, Latin World hat and decided to dedicate myself to #Teatrolatinegro.

This is a space for those artists in the intersections.  For the Afro-Puerto Rican actor who never gets to portray Latinos on stage because casting directors want their Latinos to look Italian. For the Morena American writer who rolls her r’s by choose and writes characters that do the same.  For the Haitain and Brazilian designers who get left out of discussions on Afrolatinidad because they don’t speak Spanish.  Es por ti.

This is #SoyTeatroLatinegro and here you will find profiles, inspiration and advice as it relates to Afrolatin@ theatre and the greater scope of Afrolatin@ art.

 I am Latinegro Theatre.  Soy Teatro Latinegro.